Financial Wellness

According to a recent Met-Life survey, over two-thirds of American workers say that over the past twelve months they were distracted at work because of financial worries.  65% say they live paycheck-to-paycheck and consider their financial situation to be “only fair” or “poor.”

At night many Americans ponder how to make ends meet.  They worry about immediate financial needs, overwhelming debt, job security… and long-term objectives of caring for aging parents, funding their children’s higher education and funding their retirement.

And, when morning comes, these same Americans don’t leave their money worries at home… they take them to work… and the employer inherits the cost of their stress – lack of focus and productivity, conflict, absenteeism, increased worker’s compensation and turnover.

Employee financial stress is costing businesses $15,000 per year per affected employee.

Both employees and their employer seek and benefit from a comprehensive, trustworthy, continuing, turn-key, employee financial wellness program,

Contemporary “Financial Wellness” programs are academic – stressing education to “make employees smarter” – with the employee left to solve the problem(s).

In contrast, Sill and Associates proposes a turn-key, “we do it for you” one-stop program – whereby we bond with the client and oversee performance of all Financial Wellness accomplishments.  We become the vital, trustworthy, on-going component of the employees’ financial success – now and into the future!