What is debt resolution?

Our innovative debt mediation resource has united debtors and creditors in an established obligation-resolution process that truly benefits all parties. By working directly and closely with the debtor in a trustworthy, constructive environment we arrive at a debtor-endorsed, realistically-workable and timely solution that benefits both parties.


When do I need debt settlement?

 Debt settlement is needed when it impacts your life.  Signs of needing debt settlement may include:

  • Using one credit card to pay another
  • Choosing which accounts to miss payments on
  • Creditors and/or collection agencies are calling you
  • and many more

What types of debt can be settled?

We settle credit cards, bank loans, leases, taxes, personal debt and medical bills.


Why can’t I settle debt on my own?

We at Sill and Associates have almost 20 years of experience resolving debt issues.  With this experience we have the tools, resources and relationships that enable us to settle your debts under terms you agree on.  If you had a toothache, you could pull it out yourself, or you could go to a dentist.  


How much can I expect to save through debt settlement?

Savings vary and are usually far greater than our fees.  Plus, we handle everything for you.  With almost 20 years of experience we have come to understand that time is often just as important as savings.


Why don’t you use escrow accounts?

 You don’t need us to handle your money.  You retain us to do what we do best — settle your debt in accordance with a strategy that you approve.


Will I be able to decide when to settle my accounts or does Sill and Associates make that decision for me?

All decisions concerning your accounts and any actions made on them are decided by you.  You partner with one of our debt mediation specialists who have extensive experience with creditors, collection agencies and law firms.  Through this partnership, your debt mediation specialist keeps you informed throughout the whole process, allowing you to make an informed decision on each of your accounts.

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