Investment Banking

In conjunction with nationally recognized, certified Retirement Investment Authority, A.W. Smith, we make available select Investment Banking Opportunities, previously not available to the general public.

Now, you can participate in fully secured, collateral-backed promissory notes that contract you a full Eight Percent (8%) annual return.  And these are IRA and 401-k eligible!   (We handle all of the paperwork).

Just Compare!  8% versus the dismal, disappointing return offered by your bank/credit union’s “Money Market” accounts (typically, 0.3%).

FOR EXAMPLE:  a $100,000 bank/credit union “Money Market” account would pay you all of $25 per month — OR… you can enjoy more than $665 each and every month from this fully secured program.

     ►A simple phone call will arrange for a convenient, no-cost, no-obligation appointment (in person or by phone) directly with Mr. Smith.   Your financial peace-of-mind awaits.

$665 or $25 each month?

Call Sill and Associates  at  (916) 877-8180.